Stepping onto your yoga mat with DeLene as your guide is like becoming one with the pure essence of universe.  DeLene is body, mind, and spirit; the light between dark; the hard and soft of a flower's petal; pure energy and enlightenment.  With DeLene as your yoga guide you will ascend into freedom.   Namaste'

~ Dr. T.J. Harrington

DeLene... she is a healer who is sensitive in the right way and who calls you forth when you are ready.

DeLene... she gives guidance to the room and we each get to choose where to go as we listen and push by her queues.

DeLene... she is a warrior and has shown me how to recognize who I am by  showing up for me just as we promised each other. 

DeLene... who is the healer and graciously shares her powerful energy and calls forth many souls to breathe together and unite and learn from each other..she is amazing 

~ Liza

DeLene, you were(are) the only teacher that knew my body so well that you could and would lean into me with adjusting pressure, or simply touch a part of my body with the tip of your finger and my body and understanding of alignment would shift. There are some people in our lives that have the gift or awareness, to feel their way into another persons energy for healing.You have the gift and have worked for years to develop such awareness. 

~ Jane