Becoming ONE

Eyes Wide Shut...

The Mantra left her closed lips out into the Universe …

All of you who are ONE, please assist me in becoming ONE. Following her heart, the guidance of God, and all the Angels in her Life, she stepped through the door with the figure 8 above it. Her feet rooted down into a Yoga mat for the very first time. She felt her feet dig deeper into her mat, her body began to center and her whole BEING started to move with each pose as if she had been there before. The experience surged through her being ~ SHIFTING, AWAKENING, REMEMBERING...she knew this is where she was meant to BE...finally!

Eyes Wide Open...she was HOME.

Yes, the leaps are BEcoming easier, but I still find my Self having to, two, three...JUMP~Ok, NOW...Jump!

My name is DeLene Janelle Carter.

I started practicing Yoga in 2006 ~ and within the first two weeks of stepping onto my mat, I signed up for teacher training with Dave Oliver and Cheryl Hall at At One Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. I took a teaching position right before finishing my 200HR RYT in November of 2006 and have been practicing and teaching ever since.

In December of 2009, I began a 300HR Master Level Teacher Training Program at InnerVision Yoga, in AZ. I finished the program, and was in the process of gathering and compiling all my work, just before my Mother completed her life in the here and now as we know it. She transitioned on her journey into Heaven on June 6th, of 2011. Soon after, I met my husband to be, got married, moved to Utah, and gave birth to a little girl, El’Anra Anam. I completed my 500 hr RYT training in April of 2017 right before the birth of my little boy, Kona. I am in the process of completing another 300 HR Master Certification in Healing Emphasis, and I'm finishing an Advanced Chakra Healing Certification. I am also certified in Trauma Release & Reiki.

After over 2000 hours of teaching and after completing training after training, my journey is still just beginning... ... a journey of teaching, being taught, guiding and being guided, healing and being healed by the spirit of God and all that IS....Yoga.

My favorite class to teach...ALL of them! But, if I had to choose one that stands out, as a moment in time that transitioned me even further along my path, it would have been my Hot Flow level 1-2 class at Blissful Yoga in Glendale, AZ. My first day of teaching this particular class, fell on one of the most precious and biggest days of my Life, June 6th, 2011. This was the day that my best friend, my Angel...the most beautiful woman of my Life, my mother, transitioned on her journey into her full Radiant SELF...Spirit.

When I stepped into that room that night I "Knew" it WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, that everyone in the class was truly meant to BE there. I have always thought, felt, and known that about all of the classes that I teach, but that night was extra special because I knew that my mom would BE there supporting me and bringing miracles into my LIFE! She would no longer be suffering and she would get to truly SEE ME. She would finally understand! Ever since I truly Feel my inner child, the teacher, the student, the creator, the protector, the artist, the dancer, the writer, the dragonfly, the butterfly, the dolphin, the hawk, the dragon, the angel, the unicorn and the fairy ALL come OUT to play in the Divine Dance of teaching and being taught...YOGA.

My teachers are:, dad, brother, friends, enemies, pets, Life, Death...Dave and Cheryl Oliver (200hr at @ One), Jeff Martins, Michele Dante, Maredith Mary Estrada-Schroder, Michelle Hegmon, All of Innervision Yoga (300hr Master Training), Donna DiNunzio (300hr HEY Healing Emphasis Yoga~Innervision Yoga), Yoga Works (50 Hour Bridge Program), David Bercelli (Trauma Release Training), Sandra Benedict (Raven Moon Therapies~Reiki Training), Syl Carson (Bodhi Yoga Center~Advanced Healing Chakra Training), Alex Austin, Jenn Chiarelli, Johanna Epps, John Christopher Salisbury, Michael Kendell, Rosa Martinez, every workshop, every class, every teacher, every student...EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!

I plan to inspire my students by Being, Doing, Living and Following my Passion, Bliss...LOVE!

The most important thing I want my students to take from my teaching is to Honor their True Divine Self. To keep coming back... BACK to their "MAT" BACK to their True Self... reaching, running, hopping, jumping, leaping, flying, crying, dying, living, connecting, REMEMBERING. Whatever it takes to peel AWAY the layers and get INTO themselves... Feeling~Healing~Loving.

I continue to maintain my own practice by coming back... Always coming back... No matter what life brings to me, or the pauses I may get to take...

I will keep coming back... opening & expanding further... forever... INFINITY!



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