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At Carter's Ridge 

1978 Goosenest Drive

Payson, Utah 84651


6pm-7:15pm Gentle Vinyasa


7pm-8:15pm Vinyasa Flow


10am-11:15am Flow/Restore

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108 Sun Salutations Spring Solstice 2020

Thursday March 19th,  from 7pm-9:30pm

$15 pre-register online by March 17th

$20 at the door 


At Carter's Ridge

1978 Goosenest Drive

Payson, Utah 84651

Happy Changes of the Seasons... to YOU!!!

The time is once again upon us to BE together on our mats as ONE flowing with each other,  body, soul & breath.  

We will be doing 12 repetitions of 9 🌞 Salutations with some breaks.  During the breaks we will talk about the significance of the number 108, eat treats and take time to write down our Spring Intentions or Winter...LET IT GOES!!!! 😋☃️💦☀️


There is no need to feel like you have to do all of the 108 Sun Salutations.   If you do them all on your knees, if you do just one or two sets, if you just meditate on your mat the whole time....PERFECT!  This is your journey!  And IT IS... PERFECTLY....IMPERFECTLY...

PERFECT!   🌀💞🐛🦋🌱🌷


Come bring your energy, your little self, TRUE Self... just YOU exactly where you are right NOW in your body just the way you are!  


Make it a challenge or a right of passage physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually! Whether  you think you can or you think you can’t....KNOW that you can! 


The intention is for all of Us as One Soul tribe to come together and meet every equinox.  To assist one another on our journeys through this life one season at a time.  


Let’s assist one another in shedding the darkness of winter gloom and spring forth into the lightness of new bloom.  We can shed our layers together fueling the fire in our bellies bringing forth whatever change you are opening into.  🐛🦋✨


If, you have specific goals for this moment, tomorrow, this Summer or your whole LIFE bring them all with you! Set your intentions and watch them manifest on your mat as you focus your attention and heart on what you desire! 


Let’s Pack the House...the Yoga ONE,

...BREATHING & BEING together! 

💓Reserve your place in advance by Tuesday March 17th, for $15 🙏🏼 or pay $20 at the door 🤗 Spots are limited. 


...just a little something for you to remember whether you are age 3 or 93 you are stronger than you think you are...💗🧐😎


Last night my 3 year old little boy said, Mama?   I said, yes?  He said, “I already feel strong!”


Kona said, “Guess what strong means? Strong means your Powerful!!” I said, “yes, Kona!”Kona said, “Mama I feel my arms have muscles right now!  Mama I can carry your heavy bag!  I can carry all your bags you know, mama!”  “Yes, Kona, you can!”


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Carter's Ridge

1978 Goosenest Drive

Payson, Utah 84651