Who We ARE

Perception Yoga is everything and nothing.  It is a place to release all labels and a place to “try” to put words to something soo... expansive and ever evolving that it makes it almost impossible to write about.  Through the healing path of yoga, Perception Yoga sets out to assist in many ways, but especially in the healing of illusionary projections of fear.  In the healing of fear based projections, the perception of self & others turns to LOVE.  When opening to LOVE one can connect to the True Self & to something so much higher than self.  With the connection to a higher consciousness... to God... to LOVE... all things are possible.  


Free that which binds

Heal wounds 

Forgive & Release

Revive & Renew

Root & Fly

Contract & Expand

Receive & Give

Remember & Know

Breathe & Believe 



Guiding, waking, walking with & assisting you in your journey of the me & WE!

Bringing forth a convergence of mind, body & spirit...SOUL!